Do creams and gels help to enlarge the male genitals? List of most effective drugs

Men are always worried about the size of their genitals. Recent studies show that only a small fraction of the male population on the planet is satisfied with penis size. That is why various penis enlargement methods have achieved such popularity. Most of them are common imitations, and some even lead to serious consequences. Can you trust the positive reviews from "satisfied" customers and how to choose a tool for penis enlargement?

penis size after enlargement with gel using banana example

Penis enlargement cream

There are many different medications that offer penis enlargement in just a few weeks. Men are intrigued by the colorful advertisements and the promise of an impressive phallus. Is there really a penis enlargement cream and how does it work? Many representatives of the stronger sex and men are skeptical about the "magic" power of such drugs. This is due to the general opinion that the proportions of each person’s body parts are embedded in his or her genetic code, which means that this cannot be changed. Unless only surgery can help. . . Such a procedure shows a high rate of effectiveness, but at the same time it has a very high cost.

There are other assumptions that play out not in favor of cream. Men and some experts deny the effectiveness of penis enlargement products because of the following aspects:

  • the formation of genital organs in men occurs up to a certain point (this is due to age -related changes in the body);
  • the male phallus is just a muscle, so only special exercises and massages can contribute to its improvement;
  • in the composition of creams for penis enlargement there are harmful substances, moreover, it has only a temporary effect, and in some cases negative consequences may also occur.

The above factors can be easily challenged. That is why, before buying a cream for penis enlargement, you need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as dispel popular myths about this drug.

Consider the features of creams used to enlarge the phallus:

  1. Creams from well -known and well -known brands do not contain harmful components, as evidenced by a completely natural base.
  2. The penis is not a muscular organ, its interior is composed of special structural elements - the corpora cavernosa and the cavernous body, which has the ability to shrink and grow, as a result of which an erection is performed.
  3. Indeed, an increase in the penis occurs up to a point, or rather age, however, due to the increase in blood flow, the penis can be enlarged. Moreover, the results obtained will be noticeable not only for some time, but will also last a long time.

It follows from this that effective medications exist, but you need to choose and buy creams for penis enlargement properly. There are a huge number of different products on the modern market, and among these many you need to choose the only drug. Moreover, it is not only effective, but also safe, because often the manner of such subjects leads to serious complications.

How the cream works

The male penis is made up of unique structural elements - the corpora cavernosa and the corpora cavernosa. With sexual stimulation, nerve impulses are transmitted, which provokes an increase in blood circulation in the groin area, this process contributes to the expansion of the body. As a result, the length of the penis changes and its thickening occurs. To increase the size of the phallus, it is necessary to increase the capacity of these bodies. There are many different ways to do this, but the easiest and most well -known is based on the use of penis enlargement creams. Reviews prove the effectiveness and safety of the method. Due to the use of such funds, several positive processes take place in the body, which manifests itself in the form of:

  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • enrichment of cells and tissues with useful substances;
  • increased length and girth of the penis;
  • changes in the skin, it becomes firm and elastic;
  • increase in erection period;
  • increased sexual drive.

The process of anatomical change in penis size due to the use of special creams for enlarging the male penis is performed not only because of the content of active components in it, but also as a result of the massage, which is carried out. out when the drug is applied to the groin area. During such an effect, blood circulation is accelerated, cell division is activated, and skin elasticity is also increased. Before considering which cream is better for penis enlargement, you should study in more detail the mechanism of its effect on the "dignity" of men:

  • rubbing in the material looks and manifests itself as a high -quality and effective massage;
  • increased blood flow is carried out;
  • acceleration of cell division;
  • increased skin elasticity;
  • the active components of the cream change the size of the "household", which is why many people decide to order a cream for penis enlargement.

It is necessary to use such funds only in accordance with the rules and recommendations specified in the instructions. It cannot be assumed that more funds will lead to better results.

It is very important to observe the dose - the drug does not lead to allergic reactions, but it causes more serious complications.

How does a cream enlarge the penis?

If we superficially consider the composition of the way to enlarge the penis, then we can see that it is composed of different elements. However, on closer inspection, it is easy to see that they all share the same basics. The difference lies in the excipient feature, which is designed for additional effects. In most cases, they are a variety of medicinal herbs that not only increase, but also have a positive effect on male libido. As a rule, such components are present in creams;

  • horse chestnut;
  • mulberry;
  • ginger root;
  • leuzea extract;
  • Japanese quince;
  • pectin;
  • protein and amino acid hydrolysates;
  • narrow -leaved fire weeds.

These materials have a positive effect on the anatomical structure of the phallus only in combination with each other, and as independent materials show low efficiency. Creams and gels contain a balanced combination of nutrients, which is why their use shows fast and positive results, instead of folk remedies, the reception of which can lead to such results only after a few months. Therefore, many people decide to order a cream for penis enlargement, but before that, it is important to consult with your doctor.

The most well -known and effective medicine

A variety of modern ways to correct size include dozens of different creams. However, not all of them show a high level of efficiency and safety. Based on the analysis of user reviews, we managed to compile a list of the best tools. Some of them are designed for temporary effects, while others have long-term effects, but medications must be used regularly. Before using this or that product, you need to analyze the information indicated on the package or in the instructions.

If there is no desire to use expensive drugs, you can consider how to enlarge the penis without ointment, in this case you need to do special exercises and massages. Even here you can not do without special lubricants.

There are various ointments, creams, gels and sprays for penis enlargement, each with individual characteristics and positive qualities. However, when choosing, one should be guided not by a bright cover or convincing advertising, but by the composition and action of the elements that make up the composition. Before buying this or that drug, you should read reviews about gels for penis enlargement, which will allow you to carefully evaluate its effectiveness and positive qualities.