Attachment and Penis Enlargement

penis enlargement

Penis enlargement tips are artificial devices in the form of male genitals. Men, who are almost always complicated by the size of their penis, visit specialized erotic goods stores. Thanks to the imitated tips, a man's sex life will change for the better - the couple will sensitively feel the penis in girth and experience a violent orgasm, the duration of sexual intercourse will increase several times.

Attachment types and applications

There are many types of attachments that focus on length and thickness. In addition, penis enlargement tips have different shapes, colors, curves and additional spikes, vibrations that give special sensitivity to the genitals of both partners, as well as the type of material from which it is made. For a change in their sexual life, a loving couple can buy a whole set for penis enlargement, which will brighten up their intimate corners.

The penis enlargement attachment is very easy to use - it is placed before intercourse on an erect penis. For secure attachment, an erection ring is fitted, sometimes included in the kit. The device is thoroughly washed first in warm water using detergents or special agents for silicone and latex. It is permissible to use various lubricants and creams, use condoms.

Advantages and disadvantages

If a man suffers from small diameter or short penis size, various types of attachments will be very helpful to him, which will relieve him from this problem. Easy to use, allows you to achieve incredible sensations in sex, with proper handling, they are stored for a long time, available to every man who does not have erectile dysfunction. The disadvantage is the high price for an exclusive device with additional elements for anal or clitoral stimulation. Moreover, attachment for penis enlargement is only temporary in nature, thus limiting a man to have the natural dignity of maximum size in the event of a casual relationship.

Penis enlarger

Most men are embarrassed by the size of their penis, which negatively affects their psycho-emotional state. One of the most effective methods for achieving long-awaited sexual results is an extender. Extender is a special device for penis enlargement, thanks to which a man can achieve an improvement in his intimate life. Long-term wear for a period of six months, this device is able to increase the penis by a length of 3-4 cm, as well as add significant dimensions of diameter.

Vacuum extensions are very popular, which can be used by men of different ages, while not feeling any discomfort when wearing them. The operating principle of this device is based on the suction of the penis due to vacuum. Moreover, special studies by sexologists have revealed that the use of vacuum extensions is an additional method in impotence and in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Using extenders and their effects

penis enlargement extender

With the help of an extender, the manhood is set in a stretched position for at least 6 hours a day, with a break every half hour for 20-30 minutes. At the same time, the structure of the penis sponge, periodically filling with blood, adapts to such stretching, which will lead to an increase in the penis without reverse changes. Extenders are mainly classified into loops, waists and universal. Each man chooses a device for enlargement individually, at his request. The developer was tied up by a man with his own hands without the help of strangers in the house. First, you need to put on a "quiet" member of the lower plastic platform, after which a metal rod (rod) is screwed according to the length of the upright organ. A silicone tourniquet is inserted into a foam pad, bent with a ring and inserted into an upper plastic platform (in some types there is a tension ring), which is then placed on an extender. The tip fixing mechanism should not be too tight on the head of the penis, as this will complicate blood flow. After the penis is placed on the extender for enlargement, you can safely wear loose clothing and don’t worry it will stand out in other people’s eyes.

How to choose fixtures

Men who try all means to enlarge their genitals make mistakes in their choices many times and lose a lot of time. However, after experiencing various attachments and devices for penis enlargement, their sex life has improved. Despite the wide variety of devices, each of them requires careful study of the instructions for use, and if there are any serious diseases associated with the internal organs of the groin area - mandatory consultation with a doctor.

It should be noted that artificial attachments only give an increased effect for a while, permanent application is impossible. The pleasure during the use of the attachment was received mainly by the couple, the man only praised its size and activity. At the same time, a weak erection can ruin the process, therefore, before applying the attachment on yourself, it is necessary to correct the situation with potential. Penis enlargement with an extender is more noticeable. Long -term use of the device guarantees the fulfillment of desires - the penis is really capable of increasing in size. While wearing the expander, you can freely move around the street, spending time at work. It is necessary to remove the device before sexual intercourse and before using the toilet, as long as it does not cause discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, men can fulfill desperate dreams, increase their dignity and show opportunities in the field of intimacy.