All about natural penis enlargement

effective penis enlargement techniques

Almost every man who is dissatisfied with his penis size knows what LLP is. Natural penis enlargement is not a technique, but a variety of exercises that can affect penis growth.


Who are the nupers? This is not just isolated individuals using a set of exercises. Nupers is a community of men who follow the LLP program, communicating with each other on forums.

People exchange knowledge between them, sharing results. One of the members of this caste wrote a book entitled "How to grow members. "

Principles of DUP operation

Penis enlargement techniques, collected in the "NUP" system, work in complexes. To ensure maximum results from a set of exercises, you must perform the technique regularly and correctly.

Warming up

This exercise is best used first, as it affects the tissues and ligaments of the penis.

You can warm your penis with a hot water bath, make a special compress (dip a towel into warm water and apply on the penis for a few minutes), and even make a special bath for the penis (place the penis in hot water that does not cause discomfort).

Using an extension, a vacuum pump

Pumping enables fast daily results. This method is used if you need to increase the size of the penis for a certain amount of time. To get a lifetime result, you need to "practice" with splendor for 2-3 years.

The pump works based on the principle of the pump: the genital organs are placed in a thermos, and a certain pressure is produced in the pear. Under the influence of frequent pressure changes, blood flow increases, the tubules and membranes are stretched. You need to keep the members in a thermos for 15-40 minutes. Optionally, you can increase the duration to 1 hour, but not more.

Wearing an extension is a long and difficult process. Every day, you need to stretch the penis using this tool for 4 hours for 4 months. The process can be weakened by using a simple binder - silicone strap.

Use of creams, gels

Gel, pasta and penis enlargement ointment can be used during massage, or before the procedure - as a warming action.

The substance increases blood flow to the genitals, which helps stretch ligaments and tissues.

Techniques that affect blood vessels

The penis can "stretch" itself at home without the use of special tools. It is easier and cheaper.

There are 3 safe vascular techniques:

  1. Sit down.The basics are to sit on your own members. To do this, you need to place the penis between the buttocks, and pull the testicles upwards. In this position, the weight is transferred from the abdomen to the groin area, falling to the genitals. Beginners should sit on a soft surface for a quarter of an hour. Experienced men can perform the procedure for 40 minutes in a firm seat.
  2. Testis massage.This procedure is performed in a relaxed state. The penis is heated, massaged with light circular motions for a quarter of an hour. You can combine caressing movements with light strokes with your fingers.
  3. Jelqing techniqueinvolves manually pulling out the penis. To do this, apply a small amount of lubricant to your fingers. Hold the penis at the base with the index finger and thumb, forming a ring. Without strong pressure, slowly move the "ring" to the head, not reaching 1 cm. After a few seconds, you can not apply the oil on your fingers. Up to 200 feature movements can be performed daily.

Clamping is also included in this category. It is not recommended to use it, as it can endanger the genitals and sexual health.

Mechanical effects on the genital organs

Before the procedure, you need to warm your penis thoroughly. The penis must be gripped with your finger on the head and gently pulled. First forward, then up and down and also to the side.

Each stretch takes 30-60 seconds. The number of repetitions is unlimited. Also, do not overdo it - the process can not bring discomfort or pain.

Biological additives

To ensure normal penis growth, it is necessary to take a lot of protein (cell building material), as well as vitamin C (for blood circulation), vitamin E (for tissue elasticity).

For this, it is recommended to include cayenne pepper and ginseng tincture in the diet.


The picture that can be seen just six months after applying LLP technique is really impressive. One year of class can add a diameter of up to 3. 5 cm. Personal "exercises" are chosen for each person, combining supplement intake, as well as massage and exercise.