Membership operations: reviews and costs

type of penis enlargement surgery

Unlike women, men rarely have to undergo plastic surgery. This is especially true for the penis. If fully functional, is a source of pleasure for a man, meets his needs, then everything is in order.

However, there are certain standards by which the average penis size is shown. Lack of centimeters or millimeters causes discomfort for men, which, as a consequence, can lower erections with a psychological background.

Thus, in some cases, penis enlargement for stronger sex, as well as for a woman, is required for breast augmentation. There are several other reasons when surgical intervention is required.

Penis Enlargement Techniques

There are several modern methods for penis enlargement:

  1. Surgical method. With its help, you can "stretch" the limb by a distance of 2-4 centimeters. In addition to the outside of the penis, there is also the inside. During surgery, the ligaments are cut and the inside is pulled out. Sometimes, along with the increase, the process of penis thickening is done. Special liquid fillers are injected under the skin of the organ;
  2. You can avoid surgical methods by enlarging the penis at home. This requires making a heating compress. Heat the salt in a pan and place in a cloth bag. When slightly cold, it is best to apply on each part of the penis. Further, it is necessary to treat the penis with lubricant (it is recommended to first provoke an erection). Now, you should do 40 penis pull-ups, gradually you should increase the number to 200. With regular exercise, the blood flow in this area will increase, the kavernous folds will stretch, and the penis will be a few centimeters longer;
  3. type of penis enlargement operation
  4. It is best to massage the penis three times a week. To do this, you need to grip it tightly with the palm of your hand and stretch it up, down, left and right. After a month of such manipulation, masculinity will increase 2-3 centimeters; You can also use a vacuum penis massage;
  5. You can hang a small weight from the base of your penis to pull it off. However, there is a possibility that after that it will be thinner, so that the skin will stretch;
  6. Medical centers sell special vacuum pumps that resemble pumps. It not only helps tighten the penis, but also makes it more elastic;
  7. You can also use special ointments, gels or lubricants that have magnifying properties.

If the main purpose of making the penis bigger is the satisfaction of women, then you can use an accessory with a silicone shell. They are widely sold in sex shops and online stores.

Instructions for penile surgery

There are several reasons to enlarge members:

  • Vascular disorders. Manifested in the form of penile deformity, decrease or lack of potential;
  • Congenital anomalies, penile curvature;
  • Cartilage hypertrophy;
  • Hypertrophy of the body of the kavernosa penis;
  • Surgical requirements on nearby organs (e. g. , prostate gland, rectum or bladder);
  • The most common reason is a man's dissatisfaction if he considers the phallus too small;
  • Gender reset surgery.

Modern technology can produce many things. If desired, you can enlarge, reduce, lengthen, tighten and even straighten your penis.

What happens during operation?

A man who has decided to change his intimate area goes and makes an appointment with a suitable clinic, cleaning his intimate area.

The first thing he cares about is how big his penis will get. In this case, the doctor says that it can be pulled as much as 5 centimeters. The second most popular question is whether it will be broader. The magnitude of the new masculinity changed will depend on the type of operation performed.

Lengthening the penis ligamentotomy

If necessary, lengthen the penis as much as possible, in most cases ligamentotomy is performed. This type of surgery is the most common, as it is practically painless and after that there are rarely complications. Also, in this case, there are no contraindications, any man with a small penis can lengthen it with such a surgical method.

The operation runs as follows:

  1. First of all, the patient is given anesthesia: general or local;
  2. Next, the ligaments located in the frontal area are dissected by surgery. He holds the "storage", the inside of the penis;
  3. The elongated genital organs are fitted using special tools - elongated. If the operation is successful, then it should be worn for 1-3 months. In some cases, full fixation is done only after six months;
  4. 15 days after this procedure, the remaining sutures are removed.

After such an operation, the penis can increase 1-3 centimeters. Enough for someone to stay in the clinic for two days. Next, she just needs to go to the bandage and put on her own restraint. During such surgery, the ducts and ligaments of the penis are not affected at all, therefore, the possibility of problems with erections is excluded.

Penis thickening

Many men undergo penis enlargement surgery. For surgical intervention, 90 percent is done with the goal of stretching (stretching), while the remaining 10 percent is done with the goal of thickening it.

For the latter, there are two ways to make members "bigger":

  1. Lipofilling. In this case, the main ingredient is "extracted" from the male subcutaneous fat cells. Therefore, it is desirable that the patient be complete. Next, this material is pumped into the penis area, making it thicker. However, in this case, you can only reach a maximum of one and a half centimeters extra;
  2. Micro muscle transfer methods are more reliable and effective. With its help, you can get - an additional thickness of 3-4 centimeters. This is a rather complicated surgical operation. During this time, muscle tissue is transported from the abdominal tissue, then the penis area is wrapped around it.

Both of the above operations require a long recovery time. At least a month, you need to exclude intimacy and physical activity. Within six months of its implementation, problems with erections may arise. If this happens, it is recommended to take special medications to increase male strength. However, in 75 cases, this problem did not arise.

The benefits of scalp correction

Modern medical preparations and technologies give amazing results, from small penises you can make large and thick, from small breasts - protruding, to correct the shape of the lips, nose and every part of the body. If nature does not give a person something, plastic surgery will help correct minor shortcomings.

There are several reasons why you should choose this method:

  • Pills, miracle drugs, of course, can make the penis grow a few millimeters, but can cause a number of other problems, for example, erectile dysfunction or genital pathology;
  • The various vacuum appliances used in the home cause a lot of painful sensations, and the results do not always meet expectations;
  • If you still trust a professional, you can change penis size, eliminate congenital pathology, eliminate cosmetic defects (scars, irregularities, burns), and increase tissue elasticity without harmful effects.

In addition, after surgery, the patient will be under the supervision of a doctor for a long time. He will undergo a series of rehabilitation, diagnostic and laboratory procedures. Therefore, his health is in good hands and after such a complicated operation there will be no complications.

Rare, but possible postoperative complications

Currently, all medical technologies are being improved. Therefore, various complications are rare after plastic procedures.

However, if, for some reason (for example, due to the low level of professionalism of the doctor), the operation was performed incorrectly, then the following unpleasant moments may appear:

  • Unpleasant sensation or bleeding during urination;
  • Sharp pain during erection;
  • Decreased head sensitivity;
  • Discomfort during or after having sex.

Similar complications can appear within a year after surgery. If this happens, you should contact the clinic for treatment and rehabilitation.

How much money will be spent on the expansion operation

Of course, another important question about genital enlargement is cost-related. The price directly depends on the method of penis enlargement, professionalism and expert qualifications and other aspects.

Surgical Feedback

Patient feedback on penis enlargement:

  • "I am naturally a person who never knew how to lose it. Recently he started taking care of the most deserving and cute girl. In front of him I looked like a main outfit, always with expensive clothes, withapartment, with a car, and nothing. I know that he has a more experienced and older man before me, of course, I do not want when he compares me with him, I will be the loser. the problem is my average friend. I decided to improve it using surgical methods. Everything went quickly and painlessly. My wife and I are happy with everything "

Standards get a big spot. There is a table for the average penis size. If a person realizes that he or she is “failing” from this value, then a psychological blow will occur, which can prevent him or her from building relationships with girls completely.

Of course, you should love yourself as you are, and the quality of sex does not depend on the size of your penis at all. But, if, however, something does not suit you, then you can always perform a modern, painless and effective penis enlargement operation.