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  • Penis enlargement surgery. What is the type of surgical intervention. Indications and contraindications for surgery. Possible risks and complications, as well as outcomes from penis enlargement surgery.
    15 December 2021
  • How to grow members at home and fast. Evaluation of each method on a ten-point scale. Pros and cons of each method. Worth reading!
    9 December 2020
  • Indications and contraindications for penis enlargement surgery. Preparation, type of surgical intervention, rehabilitation. Possible consequences and complications.
    3 December 2020
  • How to enlarge the penis with soda: concentrate bath, compress and rub, massage. What effect can you expect. Contraindications and possible side effects.
    2 December 2020
  • Effective ways to enlarge the penis at home: lengthening and delaying weight, jelqing exercises, special massages, penis holders, medications and their use.
    2 December 2020